GTA Water Supply & Drainage Diagnostic Services

Slow drains & odors are indicative of drain blockages that need to be addressed right away.

Latest Diagnostic Testing from Stay Dry

Locating the source of the problem is key to making the necessary repairs. It is important to identify small plumbing issues before they become disastrous. Therefore, annual maintenance is recommended in order to catch problems before they manifest entirely. You do not want to ignore water supply and drainage issues.

Do You have any of these issues?

Taking a look down in the basement, are you concerned about sewer smells? Is your water bill on the rise?

The professionals at Stay Dry can determine the problem and make the repairs quickly.

We use industry-leading equipment and techniques to get the job done right. We work quickly to make our assessments, and identify the root cause of the problem’. Sewer lines do malfunction from time to time, whether busted pipes, faulty backwater valves, or some other type of problem Stay Dry can make the repairs in short order.

At Stay Dry, we work to identify the best solutions

Tree roots cause problems, and backwater valves sometimes malfunction. Blockages, frozen pipes, and more can lead to plumbing disasters that require immediate attention. We can get your water supply back in working order, but we want to help you prevent future problems as well.

Technical Tip: Clogged drains can eventually lead to structural damage, and you need your plumbing systems in working order. At Stay Dry, our team can quickly determine the source of the problem and get to work.

GTA Sewer Camera Inspections

An accurate diagnosis is key to solving plumbing problems. Root causes must be identified, and we work quickly to make that happen.

From broken backwater valves to busted sewer lines, several things can cause your home’s sewer line to malfunction or back up. Our technicians at Stay Dry will run diagnostic tests that comply with city requirements.

After diagnosing the problem with a camera inspection, often we find the root cause, we will work quickly to make the repairs.

FAQs Water Supply & Drainage Diagnostic

Why is water bubbling on the surface of my front yard?

A broken water main or water line is likely the culprit. Shut off the water main, and contact an emergency plumbing service right away.

Why can I hear running water when there are no faucets in the on position?

It is possible that there is a water leak somewhere within your home. The running water is caused by sound vibrations.