Water Main Repair & Replacement in the GTA

Water main blockages and other issues can result in significant property damage. Stay Dry has all the tools, innovative techniques of the trade, and experience to repair Water Main Supply & Drainage problems.

Choosing Stay Dry for Water Main Repair & Replacement

At Stay Dry, we provide comprehensive services for homeowners and business owners in the Toronto area for over 20 years. We work quickly to identify the problem and recommend either repair or replacement to fix the problem. We provide affordable quotes and financing plans, too.


We use specialized diagnostic tools that quickly identify problems and the underlying causes. Our technicians will have you back to normal quickly and efficiently.


When a water main is damaged severely, it may need to be replaced. Our expert technician can handle the installation quickly. We make the job look easy.

Backwater Valves

Backwater Values only allow a one-way flow of water from your home to the sewer. When they detect backflow from the sewer, they close & prevent sewer water from entering.

Emergency Repair

Water main breaks can happen without warning, so you can count on Stay Dry to be there for you. We understand the importance of after-hour service.

Customer Appreciation

We appreciate the opportunity to show you what our technicians can do, armed with the best tools and providing you with innovative cost-effective solutions. At Stay Dry, we pride ourselves on being available to customers 24/7. We are always just a phone call away.

We even provide financing for qualified customers, and that makes this type of unexpected expense more affordable.

Has the city contacted you about an issue with your water main?

When this happens, you are given a timeframe for making the repairs. At Stay Dry, we handle both repairs and water main replacement.

People in Toronto and the GTA can count on us to help get their water supply back in working order.

Damaged resulting from breaks in water mains is downright disastrous. Furthermore, cutting water the water supply or drainage complicates life even more. The quicker you take action, the better.

If the water main for your home or business malfunctions, you are going to know, at least eventually. That is because the city will notify you of the problem. You will be encouraged to contact a plumbing professional, and you will be given a timeframe for making the repairs.

FAQ’s for Water Main Repair & Replacement

Why is there low water pressure within my home?

It could be due to a failing PRV valve, but a leak could also be the culprit. To deal with this issue, it is best to call a professional plumbing company and have them troubleshoot the problem.

How do you know if your water main needs repaired or replaced?

Replacing a water main is not usually what’s required. It can be necessary at times, but water mains are typically repaired. Contacting a trusted technician helps ensure you do not break the bank when making the necessary repairs.

The age of the pipes comes into play when technicians are deciding whether a water main needs to be repaired or replaced. The location of a leak also plays a part in decision making.