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Over the years we have been in business, we have become experts in repairing foundations. You can call us any time to repair and restore your foundation. If you don’t fix your foundation, water could leak into the basement causing severe damage to the structure, especially the basement walls.

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Broken Home Envelope & Foundation Inspection in Scarborough, ON

One of the main issues you are likely to come across with your basement foundation is water leaking from outside. We are here to stop it. Water is likely to get in if there are breaks in the envelope of the foundation.

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Foundation Repair in Scarborough

For most people, a house is the biggest financial investment. If there are any issues with the foundation, the safety and value of your home is at a huge risk. As a top foundation repair company in Scarborough, we are ready to help.

Over the years we have been in business, we have acquired the skills and knowledge to provide expert foundation repair services. When you hire us, there is a guarantee that the work will last for a long time. We are good at what we do because we rely on the highest quality materials for the job.

Evaluating Foundation Movement & Damage

Any movement or damage to the foundation depends on a few factors. It could be the direction of the movement, the cause of the damage and the size of the cracks. In some cases, environmental factors also play a role. Here are a few other things you need to know.

  • If there are any horizontal cracks present, you should hire a professional to look at the foundation.
  • Is the foundation wall leaning? Well, it could lead to collapsing in the future and you need to hire an expert to look at it immediately.
  • If there are diagonal cracks, they have been caused by frost issues or settlement issues with the footings.
  • Any vertical cracks present are not severe and often occur when the foundation settles. However, if the cracks increase in size, you should hire an expert to check them immediately.

Foundation movement happens because of different reasons. Not all types of damage are equal because in some cases it is serious. Some types of damage are actually not very severe and can be fixed.

Horizontal Foundation Wall Movement

Horizontal cracks in your foundation are very serious and could pose a huge threat. They are often caused by footing movement, frost damage and numerous other factors. If you notice any horizontal cracks, you need to hire an expert to inspect the damage. The experts should be able to identify the cause of the movement and provide viable solutions to fix it. It’s the best way to prevent further damage.

Hydrostatic Pressure

It is as a result of water present in the soil. Hydrostatic pressure pushes a lot of force on the foundation resulting in cracking. If the foundation cracks, it’s easy enough for water to get into your home. That’s why drainage and waterproofing is very important.

If your property has a good drainage and waterproofing system, the water goes away without accumulating anywhere. Therefore, if you want to prevent damage, you need to invest in a good drainage system.

You should know that hydrostatic pressure can cause a lot of damage. If it is ignored, the problem will get worse. If you fix it later on, you could end up spending too much money on the repair project.

Underpinning Willl Restore Your Foundation & Add Living Space

Any foundations with damage can be underpinned. There are a lot of benefits to doing this. First, the foundation becomes more stable. However, it’s best to leave underpinning to the professionals. It needs to be done the right way. If the foundation isn’t underpinned properly the first time, further problems are likely to occur.

Why Is My Basement Settling?

Have you noticed that your basement is settling? Well, there could be a few reasons for this requiring immediate foundation repair. Understanding the cause could be helpful. Here are some of the known causes.

Soil Issues
If there is a poor drainage system in place, the soil will struggle to hold the weight of the water. Eventually, there will be shifting and settling of the foundation. Also, you should expect some cracks.

Water Issues
Any plumbing issues on the property can cause damage to the foundation. If there is water from the outside leaking into the house could also cause settling in the foundation. Eventually, you will start noticing some mold or heaving.

Temperature changes
Any changes in temperature are likely to cause damage to the foundation. If the soil starts shifting, there will be moisture imbalance. Frost damage is also another cause of foundation damage.

Any nearby construction activity will result in cracking or settling of the foundation. Seismic activity can also cause the same. The movements depend on the type of activity being performed.

Scarborough Foundation Repair & Restoration FAQs

Are Horizontal Cracks Worse Than Vertical Ones, And Why?

Horizontal cracks are severe than vertical cracks since they are structural failures. Frost and moisture compounds the soil thus leading to buckling of the wall. It’s a slow but dangerous process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you spot the cracks, you need to waterproof them immediately to avoid replacing the entire wall.

What Is Underpinning?

It is the process of repairing damaged structures or those that have settled because of sinkholes, buried organics and swell clay. Underpinning provides more support to the foundation by transferring the weight through the unstable area. The weight is transferred to bedrock since it’s the best material for underpinning.

Can Tree Roots Cause Damage?

Yes, they can cause damage to the foundation indirectly. However, the condition of the soil also plays a role. Trees usually absorb water from the ground thus it might affect the soils surrounding the foundation. With time, there will be serious damage.

What’s The Total Cost Of Repairing A Foundation?

Repairing a foundation can cost a few thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Foundation damage has many causes so the repair cost can vary. Also, the extent of repairs depends on other factors such as the nature of the damage, the overall size of the foundation and much more. Once you contact us, you will get a free quote so there’s nothing much to worry about.

Is It Better To Fix Cracks In A Foundation From Outside Or Inside The Home?

Yes, you can remove water by repairing the cracks from the inside, especially if there is water inside the foundation wall. If the water is leaking inside the basement, you need to fix it from the outside. However, an expert should always evaluate the foundation to determine the best way to fix the issues.

Can A Crack In Concrete Grow?

Yes, you should expect a crack in concrete to grow. They can shrink and swell in soils close to the concrete walls. That’s how cracks usually grow. You need to hire an expert to check the cracks to avoid any disappointments.

Have you noticed a few cracks in your foundation? If yes, you need to make sure an expert checks them and fixes them immediately. Feel free to call us today and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote for our services.