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When it comes to dealing with foundation repairs, we have gained many years of experience. So, we can professionally repair and restore your foundation. Ignoring or neglecting to fix your foundation could result in the water leaking into the basement, and this can cause structural damage, including the basement walls.

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Broken Home Envelope & Foundation Inspection in Richmond Hill, ON

Water entering from the outside is one of the most common problems when it comes to basement foundations. Our main objective is to prevent this from happening. Water typically gets in through breaks into the foundation’s envelope.

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Foundation Repair in Richmond Hill

Undoubtedly, your house is one of the significant investments you’ve made. When there are problems with the foundation, your home’s safety and value can be put at risk. We are one of the leading foundation repair and concrete foundation companies in Richmond Hill.

Since we have the relevant skills and knowledge, we can deliver you the foundation repairs you require. We can assure you that our projects will last for many years to come. The reason behind this is because we use only the best quality materials, and we’re good at what we do.

Evaluating Foundation Movement & Damage

Many factors affect the movement and damage of a foundation. These include what caused the damage, the direction of the movement, and how large the cracks are. Environmental factors can also play a role. Here are some other things you need to know:

  • If there’s the presence of horizontal cracks at your foundation, you must have a professional look
  • In case your foundation’s wall leaning, it could easily result in collapsing, and this should be checked out by a professional
  • There’s nothing much to worry with vertical cracks, and they usually occur once the foundation has settled. In case these cracks become larger, then it’s prudent that you get in touch with an expert to inspect it
  • Typically, diagonal cracks are caused by settlement issues or frost issues with the footings

When it comes to foundation movement, there are many forms. Furthermore, not all damage is equal, since some types of damage are far more severe compared to other types. And some damages aren’t that serious and can quickly be resolved.

Horizontal Foundation Wall Movement

As aforementioned, horizontal cracks are usually severe and can have a potentially severe risk at your foundation. Some of the causes of these cracks include footing movement, frost damage, and many other factors. And because they are severe, you should have a professional who can inspect the damage to identify what brought about the movement. What’s more, they’ll also advise you on the different solutions that are available to resolve it, and this will prevent further damage.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Water in the soil is the main cause of this. It places a substantial amount of force against the particular foundation, which could cause it to crack. Immediately it cracks, then water can get into that home.

With this in mind, you can understand why waterproofing and drainage are necessary. If you have a proper waterproofing and drainage system, it will allow water to drain away, rather than accumulating. In a nutshell, removing water away from your foundation is essential if you need to prevent damage.

In general, hydrostatic pressure can lead to a lot of damage. Ignoring the issue will only make it worse. And this might wind up costing you a lot of cash.

Underpinning Willl Restore Your Foundation & Add Living Space

Damaged foundations can be underpinned, and this can provide a substantial number of advantages. Underpinning will assist in making the foundation more stable. However, you will only wish to leave it in the hands of an expert. Underpinning requires to be performed in the right manner, the first time around since if it isn’t, it could result in further issues.

Why Is My Basement Settling?

Generally speaking, there can be several reasons behind the settling of your basement and why you would require your foundation repaired. Being aware of what is causing the problem can be helpful. Having said this, a few reasons why your specific foundation would require work include:

Soil Issues
If there’s a poor drainage system in place, the soil can find it difficult to withstand the weight of water. This causes shifting, which eventually results in the foundation settling. The worse part is that cracks can begin to appear.

Water Issues
Generally speaking, plumbing issues can cause damage to the foundation. Also, water from the outside getting in can lead to it. As a result, heaving or mold can begin to take place.

Temperature changes
This is a common cause of damage to the foundation. In case surrounding soil starts to move away, this could result in moisture imbalance. Furthermore, frost damage can result in foundation damages as well.

Construction activity can lead to your foundation cracking or settling. Also, seismic activities can lead to those things. Generally, whether your foundation settles or cracks depends on what type of work is being carried out.

Richmond Hill Foundation Repair & Restoration FAQs

Why Do Certain Repairs Fail?

Some surface repairs fail if the following are uses: hydraulic cement, coatings, caulking, to mention a few. And this is because they can disturb the repairs. In turn, the foundation could leak again.

Can A Crack in Concrete Grow?

Yes, they can grow. They can swell and shrink in soils that are near concrete walls. Does your foundation have cracks? If so, you must have them inspected and fixed promptly. Give us a call, and we’ll offer you a free no-obligation quote.

How Much Would It Cost to Repair a Foundation in Richmond Hill?

Generally speaking, it can cost you from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands to fix. Many issues can occur with the foundation, and so the price to fix it can be different. Additionally, the extent of the repairs relies on factors like the foundation’s size, the nature of the damage. Fortunately, this should no longer be a problem since we offer free quotes.

Is It Better to Fix Cracks in A Foundation from Inside or Outside the Home?

If there is water already within the foundation’s wall, you can draw away the water by repairing those cracks from the inside. In case the water is getting in the basement, the better option would be to fix it from the outside. However, a professional can identify which way is better depending on the evaluation of your foundation.

Are horizontal cracks worse compared to vertical ones, and why?

In general, horizontal cracks are regarded to be more severe than vertical ones since they are known to be structural failures. Since moisture and frost cause the soil to be compounded, there’s a high chance that this could lead to buckling of the wall. However, this is often a slow process, and it will certainly end up occurring in the future. If they are spotted early enough, these cracks could be waterproofed. If you just let them be, however, then you may have to replace the wall.

Can Tree Roots Cause Damage?

Tree roots can indirectly cause foundation damage, but there can be many other things that play a role. In most cases, it’s the soil’s condition. Since trees usually absorb water from the ground beneath them, this could affect the soils surrounding your foundation. This can result in severe damage over time.