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When it comes to repairing and restoring foundations, StayDry has the experience and expertise to handle even highly complex work. If left untreated, water leakage into the basement area of a building can result in structural damage to the walls and foundation.

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One of the most common problems with basement foundations is caused by water entering from the outside. At StayDry Waterproofing our goal is to employ effective methods that utilize existing breaks in the foundation to stop water from leaking into your basement in the first place.

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Foundation Repair in Oakville

Your home is one of the most valuable and largest financial investments you will ever make. Foundation issues that are left un-repaired can detract from the value of your property and can even be dangerous.

As one of the most trusted and reliable concrete foundation repair contractors in Oakville, StayDry has the extensive knowledge and expertise needed to investigate and deal with any foundation issues before they become costly and dangerous. In order to reassure our clients, we use only the very best quality materials and guarantee a long-lasting result that will give you peace of mind for many years to come.

Evaluating Foundation Movement & Damage

Damages to the foundation of your home will vary depending on the cause of the damage, movement direction, the size of the cracks, and any environmental factors that may be present. Things to look out for include:

  • If you notice horizontal cracks it is usually something to be concerned about and you should immediately contact a professional foundation repair company to assess the situation.
  • If the foundation wall has started to lean over, depending on the severity and cause of the lean, any further movement can cause a possible collapse.
  • If diagonal cracks occur, this is generally due to frost issues or settlement in the footing areas of the foundation.
  • Once the foundation has settled, vertical cracks are regarded as common and are usually less severe. However, if they become larger or are big enough to be noticed, you should consider having a professional inspect your foundation to determine the extent of the problem and whether repairs are necessary.

When inspecting a foundation for damages there are different types of movements to consider and whether there are defects present that could cause further damages. Not all damages are the same. Some can be serious enough to pose an immediate threat while others can be left until they deteriorate further. Less serious damage will require regular monitoring to ensure that repairs can be done when necessary.

Horizontal Foundation Wall Movement

Horizontal cracks are almost always a serious indication that the structural integrity of your home is under immediate threat. Horizontal cracks can occur due to several factors such as wall movements, soil pressure, frost damage, footing movements, and others. The seriousness of horizontal movements requires the professional services of a waterproofing foundation expert to inspect the extent of the damage and diagnose the causes.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Water present in the soil can cause hydrostatic pressure that can result in the foundation cracking and even letting in water as the pressure continues to build up. This is why waterproofing and proper drainage are some of the critical components in foundation protection as it helps to prevent movement and cracking. Ensuring that water drains away from the foundation instead of building up pressure against the walls is a vital step in preventing cracks and damage to the foundation of your home. Without correct drainage measures in place, wet and frozen soil can exert pressure on foundation walls that will cause serious damage to occur over time.

Underpinning Willl Restore Your Foundation & Add Living Space

Damaged foundations are usually treated by a procedure known as ‘underpinning’. Underpinning involves excavation and new concrete to deal with settlement problems. It is a complex and extensive procedure that is best undertaken by a reputable and reliable Waterproofing and Foundation Repair company with extensive experience and expertise in this specialized field. Underpinning can provide outstanding benefits; however, it is important the work is carried out correctly from the start by a professional company to prevent any further water issues from affecting the structural integrity of your home in the future.

Why Is My Basement Settling?

When considering whether it is necessary to have foundation repairs done you may be wondering what could be causing the foundation settlements you have been noticing inside your home. Here are some of the most common causes of foundation settlement:

Soil Issues
Poor drainage can cause the soil that surrounds your home to retain excessive amounts of water. This can compromise the ability of the soil to support the weight placed on it. This will cause shifting that eventually leads to foundation settling and cracks.

Water Issues
Water damage can be caused by water entering your home from the outside or from a plumbing problem which, over time, will result in damages to your foundations. Water damage can also cause cracks, heaving, and mold growth.

Temperature changes
Changes in temperature, frost damage, and moisture imbalances are all factors that cause havoc to structures, especially when the soil that surrounds the foundation begins to migrate away from the building or when it loses compaction.

Nearby construction or seismic activity can also have an effect on your foundations, causing settling or cracks. The extent of the damage will depend on the type of work being carried out and the proximity to your home.

Oakville Foundation Repair & Restoration FAQs

Can the Roots From Nearby Trees Damage the Foundation of my Home?

Although tree roots are an indirect contributor to foundation damage other factors may play a larger role. The main cause of foundation damage usually occurs due to changes in the soil. Trees extract water from the soil through their roots in order to survive which can adversely affect the condition of the soil the foundation was built on.

Why are horizontal cracks regarded as more severe than vertical ones?

Horizontal cracks are generally linked to structural failure. The weight caused by soil pushing up against the foundation walls, excessive moisture present in the soil, and frost conditions can all cause walls to start buckling where cracks are present. This usually occurs slowly, however, it is an inevitable process that causes the walls to move in slowly, for example, after each frost cycle. Early detection can allow the cracks to be waterproofed from the outside and structurally supported from the inside. If horizontal cracks are left untreated for long enough the only option open to you will be to replace the entire wall.

What is Foundation Underpinning?

Underpinning is a repair technique used on already damaged structures or foundation settlements caused by things like sinkhole activity, buried organics, shrinking clay or swelling. It supports the foundation by transferring the weight of the entire building from the foundation with unstable soil to a more stable material such as the bedrock below.

What can I Expect to Pay for Foundation Repairs in Oakville?

The cost of foundation repair services vary greatly from one situation to another and also according to the area. In Ontario, for example, costs can vary from a couple of thousand dollars to tens of thousands, depending on the different types of issues present. Simple cracks will be easy to repair while more severe problems may require the entire foundation to be replaced. Repairs will vary according to different factors such as the size and type of the foundation, the severity of the damage, as well as other issues. At StayDry we offer you an on-site review of your particular foundation issues followed by a free estimate.

Should the Foundation Cracks in my Home be Fixed from the Inside or Outside?

Trying to repair cracks from the inside won’t work as it cannot remove any water already present in the foundation walls. You also won’t be able to prevent more water from being absorbed by the foundation. If water is leaking into your basement the cracks will have to be repaired from the outside.

Why do Surface Repairs Like Coatings, Caulking, Patching, and Hydraulic Cement Usually Fail?

These types of repairs usually fail over a short period of time. Due to contraction and expansion movements in walls, no matter how minimal, shadow cracking will soon reappear, which means leaking will occur again. When it comes to static pressure from the outside, simple patch repairs will not be enough to stop leaks. The only permanent solution is pressure injection to ensure that cracks inside the walls are completely filled and not just on the surface.