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We’ve had a lot of experience repairing and restoring foundations and are experts at solving foundation repairs that are complex. There can be huge structural damages of your basement walls and foundations if water leaks into your basement and is left untreated.

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Broken Home Envelope & Foundation Inspection in Newmarket, ON

One of the most common problems for basement foundations is water entering from the outside. It is our goal to ensure that excess water does not enter your home through any cracks in your foundation envelope.

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Foundation Repair in Newmarket, ON

The biggest investment that most of us make is our house. The value of your Newmarket home can be destroyed because of foundation repair problems. If left unrepaired, it can be dangerous.

The most esteemed foundation repair and concrete foundation contractors in Newmarket are StayDry contractors. We work with materials that are of high quality and guarantee you a finish that is long-lasting to give you your well-deserved peace of mind.

Evaluating Foundation Movement & Damage

The damage and movement of your foundation will differ depending on what caused the damage, the movement’s direction, the scope and intensity of the cracks, and many other environmental factors present.

  • You should be worried if there are horizontal cracks and should seek professional help immediately.
  • There’s a high likelihood of further movement of collapse if your foundation wall is leaning. This depends mainly on the extent of the lean and what has caused it.
  • Frost issues and settlement of footings are more likely to cause diagonal cracks. Examine your foundation to ensure it is stable.
  • Vertical cracks are not very common or severe after the settlement of your foundation. If they are extensive and can be noticed or they seem to grow in extent or size, consider having a foundation inspection from a professional.

When looking at the damage caused to your foundation or assessing the possibility of foundation damage in the future, you should look out for the many forms of foundation movement. Damages are not always alike. Some are more severe than others, some should be attended to immediately because of the immediate threat they pose, while others can be left unattended and monitored.

Horizontal Foundation Wall Movement

The presence of horizontal cracks is a strong sign that your structural integrity is threatened. The causes of horizontal cracks include wall movement, soil pressure and frost damage among many other factors. It is important to have waterproofing and foundation professionals perform an inspection to asses the damage and determine the possible causes of horizontal movement seeing that it is serious.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is caused by soil water. The pressure exerts a force against your foundation causing water entry and cracking of the pressure is left unrelieved. This is why the core components of the prevention of movement and cracks and foundation protection are waterproofing and drainage. Instead of allowing water to build pressure against your walls, you should drain the water away to prevent damage and cracks.

Generally, soil that is wet and frozen exerts hydrostatic pressure on the walls of your foundation and without proper drainage, damages them over time.

Underpinning Willl Restore Your Foundation & Add Living Space

Underpinning is of great benefit to damaged foundations because the previous settlement issues are fixed by the new concrete and excavation. In other words, the overall foundation is stabilized by underpinning. This task is very extensive and you should only trust a foundation repair and waterproofing company that has many years of experience. Underpinning has many advantages, but it must be done properly the first time to avoid any future water or structural issues.

Why Is My Basement Settling?

You may wonder why there’s a need for foundation repair work for starters. What is the actual cause for the foundation settlement you’re seeing at home?

Soil Issues
Poor drainage causes the soils surrounding your foundation to hold too much water. This causes a compromise in their weight holding ability, causing shifting, and leads to settling in the foundation, or cracks which are worse..

Water Issues
Plumbing issues or outside entry can cause water damage. This damages your foundation over time leading to cracks, mold or heaving.

Temperature changes
Moisture imbalance, temperature changes, and frost damage can destroy a home, particularly if the soil that is surrounding the home is moved away from it or is caused to lose its compaction.

Seismic activity and construction nearby can cause weaken or destroy your foundation and cause settling or cracks depending on the type of work and the proximity.

Newmarket Foundation Repair & Restoration FAQs

Why are horizontal cracks more critical than vertical ones?

Horizontal cracks are regarded as a structural failure. The pressure of the soil against the wall combined with excessive frost and moisture can make the wall buckle at the crack. This is usually a slow process, but it is inevitable. Every frost cycle, the wall slightly moves in. When horizontal cracks are caught early, they need to be waterproofed from the outside and supported structurally from inside. If left unattended for a long time, a total replacement of the wall may be your only choice.

What is Foundation Underpinning?

Underpinning is the process of restoring structures that have been destroyed or have settled from buried organics, sinkhole activity, shrinkor or swell clay among others. By transferring the weight’s structure from the foundation, through the soils that are unstable, to a material that is more stable below (typically a bedrock), underpinning supports the foundation’s structure.

Can tree roots cause damage to my foundation?

Trees can contribute to foundation damage indirectly. Other factors usually play a bigger role. Fluctuations in the conditions of the soil are the real cause of most damages to foundations. Trees need water to survive and therefore their roots get water from the soil and this can have unfavorable impacts on the soil that your foundation is established.

What is the cost of a foundation repair?

There is no particular answer to this question. In Ontario, foundation repair can vary from a few thousand dollars to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. This is because of the many types of foundation problems that can happen, from a mere crack that is easily fixable to replacement of the entire foundation. Foundation problems differ from each other depending on various factors such as the type of foundation, damage level, size, among many others. At StayDry Waterproofing, we give you a free quote without asking for any commitments after a review of the issue on-site.

Is it preferable to fix foundation cracks from the interior or exterior of your home?

If foundation cracks are repaired from the interior of your home, water that is already inside the wall of the foundation will not be removed. This will therefore not prevent water from further leaking into the foundation. If you have water seeping into your basement, you should have the foundation crack fixed from the outside of your home.

Why do surface repairs using caulking, hydraulic cement, and coatings or patching usually fail?

These kinds of repairs continually fail within brief time periods. When there is a movement of the wall such as expansion and contraction, however minimal, it causes shadow cracking of these repairs and they start leaking again. A simple patch repair won’t last under static pressure from the outside. Pressure injections are durable and permanent considering the crack inside the wall is not just filled on the surface but is filled completely.