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We have many years of experience repairing and restoring foundations, and understand how to solve even the most difficult and complex foundation repairs. If these problems are not treated, water can leak into your basement and result in structural damage to the basement walls and foundation of your home.

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Broken Home Envelope & Foundation Inspection in Etobicoke, ON

One of the most common problems faced by basement foundations is water entering from outside. Our goal is to prevent excessive amounts of water from getting inside your house through any breaks in the foundation envelope of your home.

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Foundation Reinforcement and Crack Repairs in LOCATION, Ontario

Foundation Repair in Etobicoke

The city of Etobicoke is in southern Ontario, Canada. With a population of around 350,000, Etobicoke borders the western part of Toronto. On the north, Etobicoke is bordered by Vaughn, to the west by the city of Mississauga, to the east by the Humber River, and by Lake Ontario to the south.

For all of your Etobicoke foundation repair services, StayDry Waterproofing can meet all of your needs. We guarantee you a finish that is highly operations that will last for decades. We only use the highest quality materials. You can be confident that we will make sure that all of your foundation issues are handled properly.

Evaluating Foundation Movement & Damage

Foundation movement and damage varies depending on various environmental factors that might be present, the size of cracks, the direction of movement, and what has caused the damage.

  • Evidence of horizontal cracks is concerning and should be immediately be inspected by a professional.
  • Do you have a leaning foundation wall? Further movement or collapse is possible, depending on the cause and extent of the lean.
  • Usually, diagonal cracks are caused by frost issues or by the settlement of footings. An inspection should be conducted for stability.
  • Vertical cracks are not as severe and commonly occur once a foundation settles. If they seem to have grows in size, or are large enough already to be noticeable, you should have a professional foundation inspection performed.

They are many types of foundation movement that need to be considered when reviewing foundation damage and the potential for future damage. Damage is not all the same. Some damage is more serious, some can pose an immediate threat, and others can be monitored and left alone.

Horizontal Foundation Wall Movement

Horizontal cracks are quite severe since they are an indication of a threat to your home’s structural integrity. They are many things that cause horizontal cracks including frost damage, wall movement, soil pressure, footing movement, and other factors. Horizontal movement is a very serious matter. That is why it is important to have a waterproofing and foundation professional make an inspection of the damage and diagnose potential causes of movement. You can then consider what the best options are for repairing and preventing more damage to your foundation.

Hydrostatic Pressure

When water within the soil results in hydrostatic pressure, it exerts a strong force against your foundation that may cause water entry and cracking unless the pressure is relieved in some way. That is why drainage and waterproofing are core components of protecting a foundation and preventing movement and cracks. Draining away water rather than allow it to build up pressure against walls, damage and cracks must be prevented.

In general, frozen and we soil places hydrostatic pressure on the walls of your foundation and over time and without proper drainage will be damaged.

Underpinning Contractors in Etobicoke, ON

Underpinning can benefit a damaged foundation since the new concrete and excavation will repair previous settlement problems. Therefore the overall foundation is stabilized by underpinning. For an extensive task such as this, you should only rely on a foundation repair and waterproofing company with extensive experience. There are great benefits that come with underpinning, but in order to avoid future water or structural problems, it needs to be done right the first time.

Why Is My Basement Settling?

You might be wondering why you even need to have foundation repair work done. What is causing your home’s foundation to settle?

Soil Issues
Poor drainage may cause too much water to be held by the surrounding soil, which can cause shifting, compromise the ability of the soil to hold weight, and result in the foundation settling or cracking, which is even worse.

Water Issues
Water damage from plumbing issues or outside entry can over time cause foundation damage and lead to mold, heaving, or cracks.

Temperature changes
Temperature changes, moisture imbalance, and frost damage can all wreak major havoc on a house, particularly if the soil surrounding it has lost its compaction or has moved away from the house.

Seismic activity or nearby construction can damage the foundation of your house and cause settling or cracks depending on the proximity of the work and its nature.

Etobicoke Foundation Repair & Restoration FAQs

How Much Do Foundation Repairs Cost?

Costs vary. In Etobicoke, Ontario, foundation repair costs can range from a couple of thousand dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars. That is due to various foundation problems that might take place, ranging from simple cracks that can easily be fixed to having to replace the entire foundation. Each foundation repair is different depending on several different factors including the degree of damage, type of foundation, and size of the foundation. StayDry Waterproofing offers a no-obligation free quote upon an on-site review of the problem.

Is it best to repair foundation cracks from outside or inside the house?

If foundation cracks are repaired from inside the house, it will not remove any of the water that is inside of the foundation wall already and will not prevent more water from seeping into your foundation. If there is water leaking into your basement, then the foundation crack needs to be repaired from the outside of your house.

I have a finished basement. Can it be ruined once the work has been completed?

Although there will be a minimal amount of disruption to the basement, in a majority of situations, we are able to revitalize a finished basement. We also clean up the entire mess, so your basement will be usable once the work has been completed.

I have heard that horizontal cracks are a more serious problem than vertical ones, why is this?

Horizontal cracks are a structural failure. When the soil’s weight is against the wall and is compounded by excessive frost and moisture, it can result in the wall buckling at the point of the crack. It tends to be a slow process but an inevitable one, where at every frost cycle the wall slightly moves. When horizontal cracks are caught early enough, they must be waterproofed against the exterior and supported structurally from the interior. Total wall replacement might be your only option if the problem is left for too long.

Can my foundation be damaged by tree roots?

Trees may contribute to a foundation’s damage indirectly. However, a larger role is often played by other factors. Most foundation damage is caused by soil condition changes. Since water is necessary for the survival of trees, water is extracted by their roots from the soil and that can have a negative impact on the soil that the foundation is built upon.