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We are capable of taking on even the most challenging foundation repairs thanks to our extensive experience working with foundations in the past. Foundation problems should be addressed as quickly as possible. Otherwise, water could find its way into your basement, causing damage to the structure of the basement walls and the foundation itself.

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Broken Home Envelope & Foundation Inspection in Brampton, ON

When it comes to basement foundations, water leaks are some of the most frequent issues homeowners encounter. We work hard to prevent water from getting into your home through any cracks or openings in your foundation.

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Foundation Reinforcement and Crack Repairs in LOCATION, Ontario

Foundation Repair in Brampton

Foundation-related issues are surprisingly common in the Brampton area. Issues like these can decrease the resale value of your home. They also can pose a danger since they can easily undermine the structure of your property. To repair these types of problems, count on our team of experienced geo-technical and structural engineers.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, the staff here at Stay Dry Waterproofing can address any existing foundation problems, providing repairs that last for years. You can rest easy knowing that we only use the best materials available.

Evaluating Foundation Movement & Damage

When evaluating movement-related foundation damage, a number of factors need to be taken into account. Some of these factors include the severity of the cracks, the direction the foundation is moving, and the surrounding environmental conditions.

  • Horizontal cracks are almost always a cause for concern. Cracks like these should be professionally evaluated right away.
  • Be wary of foundation walls that are leaning. In situations like these, the walls can either continue moving or can collapse altogether, depending on the severity of the problem and the underlying cause.
  • Diagonal cracking typically occurs when the footings settle or as a result of frost. Cracks like these should be inspected to verify that the structure is stable.
  • Vertical cracking isn’t quite as concerning as horizontal or diagonal cracking. Cracks like these usually are relatively mild. They most commonly show up once the foundation has fully settled. If the cracks are getting larger or if they are easy to spot, however, you should have your foundation inspected by a professional.

Foundations can move in a variety of different ways. Any damage should be carefully evaluated to determine whether or not it poses a threat to the structure. Some types of damage need to be repaired right away while others are less severe. With minor or non-threatening damage, a professional may recommend taking a wait-and-see approach before making any repairs.

Horizontal Foundation Wall Movement

Horizontal cracks in your foundation should never be ignored. Cracks like these can threaten your home’s structural integrity, posing a serious danger. Typically, they are caused by frost heaves, movement of the footings or walls, pressure from the surrounding soil, or other issues. If you notice horizontal cracks, contact a professional foundation specialist to inspect the damaged area. They can identify the underlying cause and make recommendations regarding repairs. Ultimately, the goal should be to fix any existing problems while also taking steps to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.

Hydrostatic Pressure

When soil becomes wet, the water presses against the outside of your foundation. Known as hydrostatic pressure, this force can cause problems like water seepage or cracking if it is not properly relieved. To protect your foundation, issues related to drainage and waterproofing both need to be addressed. Any water should drain away from your foundation rather than pressing up against the walls. Ensuring proper drainage is one of the best ways to prevent cracking or damage to your foundation.

Typically, hydrostatic pressure is exerted by soil that is frozen or wet. Unless any drainage issues are addressed, this type of pressure will eventually damage your foundation.

Foundation Underpinning Contractors in Brampton

Underpinning addresses foundation problems that are related to settling. Excavating the area and adding new concrete can help correct issues like these, increasing the stability of the foundation. Foundation underpinning is an involved process, which is why it is important to hire an experienced foundation repair company. While this process offers a number of advantages, it needs to be done correctly by a knowledgeable provider to keep any issues from happening again in the future.

Why Is My Basement Settling?

When foundation problems occur, you may be left scratching your head, trying to figure out why they happened in the first place. What is causing the foundation of your home to settle?

Soil Issues
Improper drainage can leave high levels of water in the soil surrounding your foundation. When soil is wet, it is more likely to shift. It also is less capable of supporting weight. This can cause the foundation to settle or crack.

Water Issues
Water from the surrounding environment or internal plumbing can both contribute to foundation damage. Damage like this usually occurs over a long period, resulting in problems like cracking, molding, or heaving.

Temperature changes
Sudden changes in temperature or issues related to frost can both damage foundations. This is particularly true if these changes cause the surrounding soil to pull away from the home or to become less compacted.

Intense construction work or seismic activity in your area can cause cracking, settling, or other types of damage to your foundation. The extent of this damage depends on what type of work is being done and how close the activity is to your property.

Brampton, ON Foundation Repair & Restoration FAQs

What does 'underpinning' mean when talking about foundations?

Underpinning is a special technique used to repair damage caused by shrinking or swelling soil, sinkholes, settling, or other problems. The goal of underpinning is to provide support for the foundation by shifting the weight of the home or structure away from the foundation and onto the bedrock below.

Can foundations be damaged by tree roots?

Although trees are beautiful, their roots can be problematic for foundations. The roots themselves usually aren’t the issue. Instead, it is how they affect the surrounding soil. Tree roots pull water out of the soil. This changes the nature of the soil, including its strength and compaction. Factors like these can negatively impact your foundation, causing it to settle or crack.

How expensive is foundation repair in Brampton?

Every project is different in terms of its cost. In Brampton, the cost of repairing a foundation starts as low as several thousand dollars. For severe problems, however, that cost can climb to $10,000 or more. Issues can range from relatively mild to extremely serious, which is why there is such a dramatic difference in price. Fixing a small crack naturally costs less than putting in a brand-new foundation to replace one that is severely damaged. Some of the factors that contribute to the final price include the type and extent of the damage, the style of the foundation, and its overall size. Contact us today for a free quote. We will come to your location and look at the problem to ensure that the quote is as accurate as possible.

Why are horizontal foundation cracks more serious than vertical ones?

Horizontal cracking affects the structural integrity of the property. Soil from outside pressing against the foundation wall can cause buckling in any areas where cracks occur. This is particularly true in situations involving frost or moisture. Although this process usually occurs slowly, the walls tend to move a small amount every time the ground freezes. As long as horizontal cracks are caught early, they can be waterproofed from the outside. Structural support can also be added inside the home. If the cracks become too severe, however, replacing the entire foundation wall is usually the only solution.

When repairing foundation damage, should the repairs be made inside or outside of the property?

Any foundation problems involving water need to be repaired from the outside of the home. If repairs are made inside the home, any water that is already in the foundation can continue to cause damage. Cracks in the outside of the foundation will also allow more water in, further compounding the problem. To prevent future issues, repairing damage from the outside is the best solution.