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Due to our numerous years of experience handling foundation repair and restoration, we are capable of solving just about every sort of foundation repair issue. When left untreated, having a water leak in your basement can end up resulting in severe foundation damage and subsequent damage to your basement walls.

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Broken Home Envelope & Foundation Inspection in Aurora, ON

A very common issue with basement foundations is having water entering from the exterior. Our goal is to curb any sort of excess water from seeping into your home through the various cracks and breaks that you have in your home’s foundation envelope.

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Foundation Reinforcement and Crack Repairs in LOCATION, Ontario

Foundation Repair in Aurora

For many of us, the money we put towards our house is one of the biggest investments we make. Issues with the foundation can end up ruining your home’s value and it can cause your home to become very dangerous to live in.

StayDry Waterproofing is Aurora’s absolute most trusted repair contractor for foundation repair. We have everything needed to provide the best assistance including both the experience and the knowledge necessary. Because of our years of experience, we guarantee a finished product that you will be able to count on for decades. We always use the highest quality materials with our jobs to ensure that each and every one of our clients gets the peace of mind they need.

Evaluating Foundation Movement & Damage

The cause of the damage is likely influenced by the direction of the movement, the cracks that exist, and various environmental factors that could be in play.

  • Whenever you notice horizontal cracks, it is very troublesome and it should always be assessed by a professional due to the extent of the safety issues it presents.
  • Are the walls of your foundation leaning? Depending on the overall size and root cause of the foundation wall to lean, further movement and even a full-on collapse is a real possibility.
  • If you notice any diagonal cracks, it is usually caused by an uneven settlement of the footings or it can even be a direct result of frost issues. Therefore, you want to assess it to ensure that there is good stability.
  • Any vertical cracks found in the foundation walls are less severe than horizontal cracks. In fact, they are even common in the foundation that has settled. That being said, if these cracks grow in size or they are extremely large, you will want to consider a professional inspection of the foundation.

There are a variety of different forms of movement in the foundation that you want to keep in the forefront of your mind when you are inspecting for damage to the foundation. Not all damage is equal when it comes to assessing foundation damage. There are some issues that are much more serious than others. Some issues can present immediate safety concerns and some can be effectively let alone and monitored carefully.

Horizontal Foundation Wall Movement

As mentioned, horizontal cracks must be taken very seriously as they can pose a direct threat to the integrity of your entire foundation and structure. These cracks are usually caused by various factors including but not limited to soil pressure, footing movement, and frost damage. Because horizontal movement is such a serious problem, it is essential to have a professional contractor assess the damage and figure out the root cause of it in order to effectively remedy it. They will be able to come up with the best solution on how to solve the issue and minimize the damage.

Hydrostatic Pressure

This type of pressure that is typically caused by the water found in the soil ends up placing significant amounts of force against your foundation walls which can result in cracking. This cracking can end up allowing water to seep through if the pressure is not properly minimized. This is exactly why proper drainage and waterproofing is so important to protect the foundation of your home. It can help to prevent movement and the cracks that come from it. Draining the water further from your home will keep pressure from building up against your walls which can prevent the damage that can result in cracking.

Typically, frozen and/or very wet soil can exert this type of pressure onto your foundation which can cause damage over time if there is no place for it to properly drain.

Underpinning Contractors Aurora, Ontario

Any foundation that has suffered damage can benefit from underpinning. This is primarily because getting rid of the damaged concrete and the installation of the new concrete can help to fix any settlement issues that existed. In a sense, underpinning is there to stabilize the total foundation. However, this is a very extensive task that requires a lot of skill and expertise. Therefore, you will want to hire a professional and reputable foundation repair company with the requisite experience. This process is something that can yield excellent benefits but it has to be done properly the very first time to avoid further issues.

Why Is My Basement Settling?

A lot of people might be wondering why they need foundation repair, to begin with. After all, you might not be entirely sure what is causing the foundation settlement that you are seeing.

Soil Issues
Having improper drainage from your soil can end up causing the soil surrounding your foundation to retain too much water which can cause a lot of problems. Not only can it cause shifting, but it can lead to settling in the foundation and end up resulting in cracks in it.

Water Issues
Water damage is another major issue that can result in foundation damage over time.

Temperature changes
There are plenty of issues including frost damage which can cause major issues with the foundation. This is especially true if the surrounding soil is forced to move away from the home.

Any sort of seismic activity surrounding your home can end up causing cracks to develop or settling depending on how close it is and the overall nature of the work.

Aurora Foundation Repair & Restoration FAQs

I have heard that horizontal cracks are worse than vertical ones. Why?

Unfortunately, horizontal cracks can be much more devastating than vertical ones because they designate a structural failure. The total weight of the soil that is applied against the wall can be compounded by moisture buildup and frost. Each can cause the walls to snap and crack. This might be a relatively slow process but it can cause severe damage once it’s done. Luckily, when it’s caught soon enough, the damage can be minimized. The walls need to be waterproofed from the exterior and supported by the interior. If it is left for too long of a period of time, having a total wall replacement might be the only option you are left with.

Can my foundation be damaged by tree roots?

Trees can in fact worsen foundation damage. However, a lot of other factors are typically much more impact. The main cause of foundation damage is primarily the changes that occur with the condition of the soil. After all, trees need a lot of water in order to thrive and survive. Therefore, the roots of the trees extract water from the soil which can have a negative impact on the soil surrounding your foundation.

How much does it cost?

Foundation repair can range in Aurora, Ontario from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. It will vary depending on the problems that you are dealing with and other factors like the size of your foundation, the type, and more.

My basement is finished, will it be ruined after completion of the work?

We can effectively revitalize an already finished basement and we clean up all of the mess we make leaving your basement in great condition.

Why do surface repairs like this usually fail?

These repairs usually fail in short order because of the expansion and contraction that experiences during the movement of the wall which causes the cracks that were repaired to leak again.

A simple patch job is not going to hold up when it comes to the static pressure exerted from the exterior. Whereas, pressure injections are permanent because the crack is completely filled in.

Can a crack grow in concrete?

Absolutely. Shrink and swell cycles in the soil adjacent to the outside of the concrete walls is the main way you will experience a growth in the cracks.