Experienced Drain Cleaning & Repair

Blocked drains can result in burst pipes & backed-up waste water that will damage property.

Professional Drain Cleaning & Repair Service, Start to Finish

For your home to run safely it is essential to maintain a fully-functioning drainage system. The drainage system protects the home structures from damage and maintains a higher standard of hygiene and good health.

Blockages can take a long time to form in the bowels of your home’s drainage systems, or they can occur quite suddenly when an unexpected piece of debris makes its way down the pipes.

Stay Dry Waterproofing offers a full range drain related services in Toronto

We specialize in cleaning, repairs and maintenance for your drains. Even with the help of stoppers and catch trays, small bits of food and debris will eventually make their way into the drains and invariably form part of the next big clog in the system.

Whether you are facing backed up water, slow drainage issues or a section of pipe that will need replacing, we have the skills and state-of-the-art tools to get the job done fast. It is essential to have these minor issues addressed right away or they can escalate to larger problems that require more cost and labor-intensive repair works.

Our team of specialized crews have the tools and resources to address all types of blockages in your pipes. Some of the tasks they can address include:

  • Draining Cleaning
  • Trenchless Pipe Bursting
  • Sump Pump Repair & Installation
  • Clogged Drain Repair
  • Drain Replacement
  • Emergency Services

We have considerable experience in addressing the issues that can affect the function of a draining system. For this reason, we know that drainage problems can have a considerable impact on the function of your home. This is why we provide fast and effective drain system services at a competitive price.

If you have seen the signs that things are not draining quite like they should, these events are not normal. There should not be bad odors coming from the sink and the water should drain immediately. If this is not the case in your house, get in contact with Stay Dry Waterproofing and ask about our hydro-rotor services here in Toronto.

Tell-tale signs it’s time for drain cleaning

  • Slow Running Water
  • Gurgling Noises
  • Sink Bubbles
  • Black Particles

If your drain is taking any longer than instantly to make its way down the drain, something is affecting its passage and that something can grow to a larger something. This is when you should call in the professionals with solutions.

There are many different types of drains in a house or building and each has its own special uses and particular buildups. We have a team of professionals who know all about the nature of each drain and what it needs to maintain optimal function.

Stay Dry Solutions to Drainage Issues

If you are facing a major clog or just some leaky pipes, the experienced experts at Stay Dry Waterproofing have a solution. We will set you up with a new drainpipe system with improved capacity to resist corruption and other problems.

  • Drain Pipe Repair
  • Clogged Drain Repair
  • Main Drain Repair
  • Drain Leak Repair
  • Kitchen Pipe Repair & Bathrooms
  • Toilet Drain Repair
  • Bathtub Drain Repair
  • Shower Drain Repair

Technical Tip: If repairs and maintenance are not provided promptly, a leaky faulty drain can cause damage throughout the house. Every drain is counting down to the day when it will fail and need attention. Regular cleanings and maintenance can keep your drains in proper function and effectively postpone this day forever.

Hydro Jetting Service

Hydro Jetting utilizes high-pressure water to clear debris and blockages from plumbing lines. Similar to a power washer, it cleans inside drainage systems with pressurized water coming from a water tank.

Root Intrusion Service

Underground root intrusions occur because trees are looking for moisture, which is why the Inside of wastewater pipelines is an attractive source. Any cracks give roots natural entry point that can spread.

French Drain Installation

French drains are simple drainage systems that can filter water through gravel and into the municipal sewer systems, directing water away from the home, or building.

Local GTA Trenchless Pipe Bursting

There is no need for hefty excavation work if you are facing the task of replacing your sewer line. At Stay Dry Waterproofing we have advanced technological solutions.

Trenchless pipe bursting allows us to address the pipes where they lie without the complex process of tearing up the front lawn. We provide trenchless pipe bursting that allows you to have your pipes replaced simply and easily and as mess-free as possible. The modern drain solutions we offer today take place under the ground so that you never really have to see what is happening.

This makes it easier for all involved. Rather than digging a long unsightly trench from one end of your garden to the other, we only need to dig to access points at either end of the sewer lines connecting your home to the mains. Then we can set up the machine that will burst the old one out of position and replace it with a new pipe system.

Stay Dry Profesional Services

Exceptional Workmanship: Our work is a credit to our years of excellent service in the Toronto & GTA area. We believe in delivering the highest level of quality for a competitive price.

Innovative Solutions: At Stay Dry Waterproofing, our skilled workers are equipped with the industry-leading equipment to handle all aspects of your drainage system’s needs.

Accurate Diagnosis: We have over 20 years of experience in providing top-notch drainage services to the residents of Toronto and the surrounding Southern Ontario area. Our experts will quickly locate the source of the problem and provide you with an effective solution.

Trusted Experienced Plumbers: Our superior services are all licensed, certified, bonded and insured. You can rest assured that you will know exactly who will be working at your home and trust they have all the qualifications needed to perform an exemplary task.

Technical Tip: Can I Predict If My Drain Is Clogged? — typically, it is too difficult to find a problem until it is already in full swing. But if you notice sluggish draining or foul smells coming from the drain, this is symptomatic of problems brewing.

Drain Cleaning & Repair FAQ’s

How Often Should I Get My Drains Inspected?

If you live alone an annual inspection may be enough, but we typically advise our valued clients to have this service done semi-annually for all but the newest drainage systems. A regular cleaning and diagnostic service will keep your plumbing and pipe systems in tip top conditions.

Why is speed so important?

It is important to make sure your home’s sewer line is back in operational order as soon as possible, so we make sure this task is done as quickly as possible. When we are done you will have a completely new drainpipe that will be better resistant to the type of problems that can develop like becoming choked by tree roots.