Determining the Cost of Foundation Repairs

You will need your own solution for your foundation problem to get the ultimate in value and performance. At Stay Dry, we make it our mission to make repair costs as simple for you to grasp as possible. Keep in mind that Tools, Materials, Size & Complexity All Factor In Foundation Repair Pricing.

The cost of a foundation repair will depend on how severe the problem is and what tools, materials and how long it takes to do the job. A permanent fix for your home’s foundation is a great investment.

Note these factors;

  • Digging down to the damaged footing would impact foundation settlement repair cost.
  • Another price driver could involve the depth piers need to be driven to reach competent strata to underpin a foundation.

Stay Dry Foundation Repair offer the best return on your investment dollar because they provide less disruption and more economy.

What’s Causing My Foundation Problem?

The temperature and moisture that takes place in the soil around your foundation can have an effect on the foundation. Your foundation settlement is what happens when your home moves as the soil underneath it can’t support its weight, shrinking and settling over time. Your foundation will be affected by soil changes that can include drying and shrinking or wetting and softening or compacting and swelling.

If your foundation has bowing and buckling walls that means damage from expansive soils has taken a toll on it. That can happen through clay-rich soils taking in too much moisture ramping up the pressure by up to thousands of pounds.

If you have foundation issues, your home will not improve. Wet and dry periods will continue to alternate continuing a cycle of damage. You are better off to address your problem as soon as possible.

Foundation Repair

After a complete foundation inspection, we will tell you how and why damage took place and how repairs can be done by using materials and techniques. There are various answers for whatever damage you may have. If buckling foundation walls are the problem, foundation wall anchors could be the solution.

Repair to your foundation can happen any time of the year and can often be done in just one day. Foundation products come with a 25-year written warranty, in addition to a performance warranty.

We have the tools, training, and professional foundation services you need to permanently solve your problem. Our warranted solutions can restore the value and structural stability of your home.

Stay Dry has all the services, professionalism and experience you require to take care of your problem. With our warranted solutions, you’ll have complete value and structural stability in the foundation of your home.

Foundation Replacement

If the total foundation must be replaced, heavy equipment is necessary for soil excavation around the home to expose your foundation. Porches, steps, gardens, walkways and foliage, may need to be removed.

The house would have to be put up on temporary supports while the foundations walls and possibly the floor slab are removed. Once a new foundation is constructed, the house is put back into its original position, the soil is repacked, and landscaping is restored. As opposed to foundation repair, a whole new foundation is far more expensive, disruptive and time-consuming.

Should the Foundation be Repaired Or Replaced?

If your foundation is damaged with horizontal cracks you should think about an entire replacement. However, you need to think over every option so you get the best return on investment with the least amount of family disruption.

Whether you go with foundation repair or replacement, do the job once. You know that Stay Dry is a trusted contractor with over 40 years of experience. We proudly serve the Toronto and surrounding GTA area, including Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington, and Newmarket.

Stay Dry can help you determine the best foundation repair solution. We can do a complete foundation inspection, along a professional meeting and a written quote. For an appointment, call or e-mail us today.