Basement Waterproofing Newmarket

With over 30 years in the business, we have a team of dedicated experts with a penchant for locating and diagnosing leaks on your property. We also have the skills, equipment and experience to address leaks effectively.

Basement Waterproofing Newmarket

With over 30 years in the business, we have a team of dedicated experts with a penchant for locating and diagnosing leaks on your property. We also have the skills, equipment and experience to address leaks effectively.

Diagnosing Leaky Wet Basements

Water can enter the basement in a number of ways. Heavy rains, excessive snow and ice, as well as plumbing anomalies can all lend their hand into creating water problems in the basement. This can cause problems for the foundation of the home. When it comes to diagnosing the problems in a specific basement, it is important to remember that just because there aren’t puddles in your basement, this doesn’t mean the water hasn’t already soaked into the structural materials of your home. To identify what is causing moisture problems in your home it is essential to call in the professionals who know what to look for and can provide suitable solutions.

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Waterproofing Contractor in Newmarket, ON

The town of Newmarket is located in Ontario and is a part of the Regional Municipality of York. It is a regional seat. It’s a part of Southern Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe region and the GTA. While it began as a farming community, it evolved over time and became more industrial. Today, the town is mostly a residential area. When Ontario Highway 400 and 404 expanded, it influenced the town’s development.

If you are a resident of Newmarket, Ontario, and are looking for the very best waterproofing services in your area, Stay Dry waterproofing is the best option for you. After contacting our reputable service, you can rest assured that we will provide a premium finish that will last a long time, guaranteed. To ensure that basement leakage is a thing of the past, we only apply the highest quality service and materials when working on your home and property.

Two Main Methods of Waterproofing Leaky Basements

When determining where the problems exist in your home, the first place to look is in the exteriors. Essentially, this means that your interior and exterior waterproofing services must work in conjunction. Water leaks can be highly detrimental to the architectural integrity of your building and must be addressed from the outside before any water proofing measures can be applied to the interiors. This will ensure that there is not water collecting around the outside of your home, which can also cause problems to the surrounding grounds.

Exterior Waterproofing

The first thing to do will be to do some excavation around the foundation of your home. This will expose the foundation and allow our exerts to make examinations and repairs as necessary. If our experts find that your foundation is not in the best functioning order, we will get to work applying a specialized membrane called Blue skin or Aqua block. Next, we will get to work constructing an intelligent water drainage system that will direct water away from your foundations. Made of weeping tiles and dimple board, these drainage systems will be fully tested for functionality once completed. Even though exterior waterproofing will disturb the land around your home, it is the only way to be absolutely sure that water is not damaging the delicate foundations of your home. The addition of proper drainage systems will go a long way in reducing any moisture problems in the future.

Interior Waterproofing

If you are facing water that keeps making its way into the basement and foundations, there is a danger afoot and you will need professionals waterproofing services to set things straight. If there is some reason that the exterior of your home’s foundations can’t be accessed, it will be essential to begin with repairs on the inner foundations.

When interior waterproofing techniques are used in conjunction with exterior waterproofing techniques, the results are highly superior. For interior waterproofing, there are several methods that can be especially effective. For example, the installation of a sump pump is especially good for ensuring that water doesn’t accumulate in the basement. There is even an emergency power supply for the sump pump to make sure your basement is never left unprotected.

Waterproofing FAQ’s

Should I Get My Basement Waterproofed?

Though the problem can seem relatively minor at first, wet basements can often lead to greater problems with even larger implications. A wet basement with considerable levels of moisture can become weak and not support the structure, furthermore, it could also cause a problem with black molds.

There is also a considerable threat to the rest of the items and belongings you have stored in your basement. This can increase the dangers and damages by black mold. To improve your defenses against this threat, it is a good idea to have the basement properly water proofed.

Why Do I Have a Wet Basement/Mold Issues in My House?

Wet basements are a larger problem when the home is situated in a low-lying location at the bottom of a hill or slope. Foundations that have not been properly constructed or do not have adequate drainage systems can also lose structural integrity. Furthermore, additions to the property such as a new foundation or even the presence of a swimming pool can also affect the performance of a foundation.

What Steps Can I Take to Keep My Basement Dry?

There are several things that can be done, many before the house is even built or purchased. If the ground slopes away from the home, the problems will be greatly diminished. Furthermore, plants should be planted away from the home so they don’t prevent the sun from drying the ground around the home. Gutters and drainage systems can also be installed on the property to direct water away from the building.

How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost in Newmarket?

The cost for a waterproof basement will depend on the exact services that your property needs. For example, if you would like a set of French drains to cover your property, you can expect that the service will be paid by the amount of footage needed. If you would like extra services, like dehumidifiers, sump pumps and more, the services will be charged on those services you need. Larger projects will typically cost a bit more.

Why Should I Get a Battery Backup for My Drainage System?

Sump pumps must be connected to the energy currents if they are to function. The problem is they are most needed during strong rainstorms and this is when the power often cuts. To ensure that water is effectively eliminated from the basement, the backup power supply will keep your sump pumps active at all times. Power to your sump pump is provided by a formidable Marine battery supply. This impressive battery supply will take the place of conventional energy in the case of a power failure.