Basement Waterproofing Mississauga

With experience that spans over three decades, our dedicated team of experts are your best bet at diagnosing all types of water leakage in your property and quality permanent repairs for your wet basement.

Basement Waterproofing Mississauga

With experience that spans over three decades, our dedicated team of experts are your best bet at diagnosing all types of water leakage in your property and quality permanent repairs for your wet basement.

Diagnosing Leaky Wet Basements

Some of the most common causes of wet basements include heavy rain, excess water from flooding and melted snow which permeates through cracks or opening in your house foundation. When it comes to diagnosing problems with your basement, you should remember that water molecules can be absorbed in building materials instead of just remaining as puddles on your basement floor. To identify what may be causing your basement to be wet, it is best to call in professionals who can analyze the water penetration system, identify the exact source of water leakage and advise you on the best way to fix the problem.

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Waterproofing Contractor in Mississauga, ON

The city of Mississauga is nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario which lies on the south of Ontario. Mississauga is the sixth-largest city across Canada and has a population of around 714,000 people. For a better and more comfortable lifestyle, all the residents of this city need the services of a professional and competent basement waterproofing firm to avoid wet basements.

If you reside in Mississauga and are seeking for the TOP waterproofing service providers, Stay Dry Waterproofing is the solution to all your problems. On contacting us, we guarantee that we will provide a premium and quality finish designed for maximum durability. To ensure that a wet basement becomes a thing of the past in your home, we rely on the highest quality materials when working on your property.

Two Main Methods of Waterproofing Leaky Basements

When determining where you have water leakage issues in your property, it is usually best to first start with exterior waterproofing. This essentially means that interior waterproofing solutions go hand in hand with exterior waterproofing solutions. Water leaks are highly detrimental and it is therefore important to keep leaks away from your exterior walls so as to ensure that they do not accumulate around your house foundation before finally seeping into your property.

Exterior Waterproofing

For starters, we usually excavate all around your house to expose the foundation. Once it is exposed, then our technicians will the foundation and identify if it has any cracks or it has dilapidated. If your foundation has any issues, we will seal all problem areas with a quality waterproofing membrane such as Aqua Block or Blue Skin. We will then use our extensive expertise to install a highly functional drainage system made from weeping tiles and dimple board then test the system to ascertain that it is fully functional. Though exterior waterproofing will involve disturbing the area around your house, it is the best way to identify if your foundation is in great condition, find cracks and any other places through which water can permeate into your property.

Interior Waterproofing

If you are constantly faced with the problem of water seeping into your basement, it is important to get interior waterproofing services. If you cannot access the exterior walls of your home for any reason, it is also important to carry out interior waterproofing.

When interior damage systems are used in conjunction with exterior waterproofing systems, they usually ensure that water does not seep into your basement. For interior waterproofing, sump wells are usually installed to collect and pump out water thus ensuring that your basement does not get wet. To ensure that you are covered in case of power outages, a battery backup system is also usually installed.

Interior drainage systems are typically usually installed along interior walls and the house foundation. Interior waterproofing is idea for homes that frequently have wet basements or houses that are surrounded by high water tables such as lakes.

Basement Waterproofing FAQ’s

How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost?

The cost of waterproofing your basement will depend on the solution provided. For some waterproofing solutions like the installation of standard systems such as French Drains, you can expect to pay for the work based on the number of feet covered. Extra solutions such as the installation of backup pumps, dehumidifiers and other features will also affect the overall cost of waterproofing your basement.

Why Should I Get a Battery Backup for My Drainage System?

Sump pumps rely on electric power and it best to have a battery backup in place. Trust us, if there is a strong rainstorm that cuts off your power supply, you will be thankful for a battery backup. For total protection, you can acquire a marine battery since it will power your pump and comes as an addition to the primary pump. With this pump, you will be properly covered since in case of a power failure, it will act as the main pump until power is restored to your primary pump.

What Steps Can I Take to Keep My Basement Dry?

The best way to avoid having a wet basement is to keep water away from your house foundation. There are several steps you can take to make this possible. For starters, you can ensure that the ground around your house slopes away from the building. Additionally, you should also ensure that there are no plants around the house that can prevent the sun from drying the soil around. You can also install gutters and ensure that they remain clean so that they drain water away from the foundation. For better results, you can pipe water from your gutters underground. It is also advisable that you keep your windows covered properly so that they do not collect water.

Why Should I Get My Basement Waterproofed?

Though it may seem like a minor problem, a wet basement often leads to bigger problems in the long run. A wet basement with high moisture levels can end up compromising the structural integrity of your house or even attracting toxic black mold!

In a leaky basement, there is also a high probability of the items in the basement getting soaked hence increasing the chances of black mold occurring. To improve your property value and to get better peace of mind, it is better to waterproof your basement. You can find more benefits of waterproofing your basement by visiting our basement waterproofing page.

Why Do I Have a Wet Basement/Mold Issues in My House?

Wet basements are mostly found in houses that are situated in low-level areas such as the bottom of slopes or hills. Poorly mixed concrete foundation and poor drainage systems can also cause wet basements. New additions such as swimming pools close to your house can also lead to a wet basement and mold problems.

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