One of the most common questions clients ask us before even getting a FREE quotation is “How much do you charge to waterproof basements and crawlspace?” This is not an easy question to answer. The average price for waterproofing a complete system in Toronto is about $5,000-$15,000. Several factors affect the pricing, which is the gist of it. Some do not require much servicing while other basements might require a lot more work to avoid dangerous occurrences by settling or caving from cracks in the foundation.

Importance of a Dry Basement

The basement happens to be one of the places homeowners tend to neglect. This is because there is no reason to visit an unfinished place on regular basis. Keep in mind that it is still very important to keep the basement in good condition because it adds to the health of your home.

A basement that is constantly wet can affect the structural arrangement of the house which could be very unsafe to live in. And when it is normal to brush these issues off as irrelevant, you might be shocked at how much damage can result from very little water.

It is important to keep your basement dry because it adds to the health of the home and keeps it in good shape. By doing this, it can help cap issues like mold development which is not good for your health and can also aid in improving the resell amount of your house.


The one factor that will carry the heavy part of the bill is waterproofing. The exterior and the interior basement waterproofing, which are both long-term methods, involve a lot of work compared to cheap methods such as using sealants which are short-term and not as effective. The sealants also do not work where there is significant damage in that place.

Exterior waterproofing is typically the most expensive because it involves the bulk of the work. This involves the area needing to be excavated down to the footings. After which the weeping tile is removed and cement (hydraulic) is used to fill the cracks present.

Sealants are used with mesh membrane as well as new weeping tile. Lastly, it is filled and topped with a three- quarter inch layer of gravel. This will cost you around $100 per square but can go up to $300.

Interior waterproofing, however, is cheaper compared to the exterior method. The process involves digging out the interior floor, installing new weeping tile which is connected to either the floor drain or the sump pump, and also a drainage membrane is also installed. After all this is done, ravel is added on top of the weeping tile and finished off with concrete. This usually costs around $65- 200 per square foot.

The other determining factor is the materials used for the waterproofing. There is always the option of using cheaper materials but the downside is that they are not as effective as expensive ones. How the damage can occur is also a determining factor when it comes to purchasing the materials. The most advisable way is to use great quality material also bearing in mind the amount of work that goes into exterior waterproofing.

The level to which excavation is required also goes into that cost. A lot of foundations are usually about 5-8 feet deep. If the foundation is deep, it will require a lot more work given the labor and materials that will be used for that work.

If the basement might require more flooding prevention equipment, it will also add to the cost. In most cases, a sump pump or a backwater valve is installed.

Sometimes, the work might only require a crack to be repaired. The factors affecting the cost will include where the crack is paced, its size, and its severity. If the crack happens to be structural, more work will go into repairing it thereby affecting its cost to a higher rate.

It is also important to consider installing window wells when waterproofing. The reason is, that they aid in drainage and will keep away the water from the foundation. With that said, the cost of repairing a window well or installing a new one is about $1,00-$3,800, this is also considering the size and depth of it.

This process joined with a soil as management that is actively connected to a sump pump as well as a drain pipe for the perimeter is what we advise.


Waterproofing leaky basements and repairing foundation cracks from ABCD COMPANY is the best way to maintain a clean and healthy home, at an affordable cost as well. If you require seepage, mildew, or cracked floors fixed in Toronto call us. Deal with the issues while they are small and avoid dealing with expensive problems later on.


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