Basement Waterproofing Caledon

We are technicians with a 3-decade experience in dealing with different water leakage issues. As such, we are confident that we are your best guys to call if you want quality, permanent, wet basement repairs.

Basement Waterproofing Caledon

We are technicians with a 3-decade experience in dealing with different water leakage issues. As such, we are confident that we are your best guys to call if you want quality, permanent, wet basement repairs.

Diagnosing Leaky Wet Basements

Basement flooding due to burst water pipes or heavy rains is the most common reason for wet basements. Thawing snow that permeates through openings in the house’s foundation is another reason. You should note that different construction materials have different absorption rates for water molecules. Therefore, water might seep through the basement floor or collect and form puddles, depending on the flooring material. As such, the construction materials’ quality is one of the factors we consider when diagnosing the problems that bedevil your basement. That is why you should call in professionals with the experience and necessary equipment for the job. They will pinpoint the cause and advice you accordingly.

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Waterproofing Contractor in Caledon, ON

Located in Ontario, Caledon is a town that’s part of the GTA. It’s a part of the Regional Municipality of Peel. Even though the area is still mostly rural, it’s been gradually becoming more urban. Currently, it includes hamlets, villages, and urban areas. The urban center of the town is Bolton, which is along the York Region on the eastern side of Caledon. It covers more area than any other city or town in the GTA.

Stay Dry Waterproofing is the company to call if you search for the leading waterproofing service providers in Caledon. Our technicians will ensure that you receive a quality finish with guaranteed durability. Our worth ethics are founded on utmost professionalism. If your home is to have a waterproofed basement, we shall use the highest quality materials to fix the problem. This is what we have offered to all the clients we have served within more than 30 years of being in this industry.

Two Main Methods of Waterproofing Leaky Basements

When pinpointing leaks in your basement or property, Exterior Waterproofing is a remedial measure we consider implementing. It is an essential method of fixing the leakage problem, taking an inside-out approach, meaning the interior waterproofing will be effective when we do the same to the exterior. In most cases, leaks can be a creeping issue that might seem minor or go unnoticed. However, the leakage can soon be highly detrimental if not corrected. That is why you should keep leaks away from your home’s exterior walls preventing water accumulation around the foundation that finds its way into your basement.

Exterior Waterproofing

When doing the exterior waterproofing, we will dig around the house to expose the foundation. We then assess it to determine its integrity if it is dilapidated or has cracks. Our technicians will then fix the identified problem areas and apply a durable waterproofing membrane like Blue Skin or Aqua Block. The next thing is to install a proper drainage system, such as one made from dimple boards and weeping tiles. The installation demands extensive expertise, and the system will be tested to ascertain its functional reliability. However, the process entails disturbing the area around the house. It is the most efficient way of locating any existing issues in the foundation, such as cracks, through which water permeates into the basement.

Interior Waterproofing

If leaks are a perennial problem in your basement, you should consider getting permanent solutions via quality interior waterproofing. It is a service worth considering, especially if there is no way of accessing and assessing your house’s exterior walls.

When the interior waterproofing is combined with exterior waterproofing measures, the result is a watertight answer to your basement’s leakage issue. Sump wells are installed when doing an interior waterproofing to pump out the water and prevent it from collecting in your basement. We will also include a battery backup system for the sump to ensure all is well during power outages.

The interior waterproofing will include a drainage system that runs along the house’s interior walls and the foundation. We highly recommend interior waterproofing for wet basements in properties located in high water table regions.

Waterproofing FAQ’s

Why Have My Basement Waterproofed?

While a wet basement might seem insignificant when you have no water pools on the basement floor, the problem morphs into a costly fix. A wet basement, especially one with high moisture levels, attract toxic black mold, and compromises the building’s structural integrity.

Black mold is highly likely to develop in a leaky basement with items, especially the kind that is susceptible to moisture or wetness. Therefore, waterproofing your basement is a safety measure that is not worth overlooking if you want to safeguard your belongings and improve your property’s value. Check out our basement waterproofing page to learn more about its benefits.

What Is The Cause Of A Wet Basement Or Mold Issues In My Home?

A wet basement is a problem that many houses in low-level regions experience, like those located at the bottom of a slope or hill. However, a poor drainage system and incorrectly mixed foundation concrete play a significant part in this problem. Installing a swimming pool too close to the house without implementing the recommended construction parameters can also be a reason for having wet basements or conditions that attract mold.

What Steps Should I Take Ensure My Basement Stays Dry?

The surest way of having a wet-free basement is by keeping away the water from your home’s foundation. You can do this by having the surrounding ground sloping away from the house. It would be best if you also got rid of or minimize the number of plans around the building that block out the sun and prevent the soil from drying. Installing gutters to help with directing rainwater from the roof to the ground and away from the foundations is also necessary. Consider piping the rainwater from the gutters to flow underground. Also, ensure that all the windows in your basement are properly covered to prevent them from collecting water.

What Is The Cost Of Waterproofing My Basement in Caledon?

The price varies based on different factors and the solution provided. For instance, French drains can be cost-effective, standard waterproofing solutions that work if done correctly. Aside from this, the cost will also depend on the feet covered. Moreover, the price can also go up you opt for extra solutions like installing dehumidifiers, backup pumps, and other features.

Is A Battery Backup Necessary For My Drainage System?

Sump pumps are mostly electric-powered, but you should consider having a battery-run system in place as a backup. Rainstorms can cause power outages, and you will thank us later for having the battery backup. For more enhanced protection, invest in a marine battery because it is designed to be an energy-efficient power backup for your pump that can also service the primary pump. Therefore, we are confident that you will be covered during a power failure, keeping your sump pumps working until the electricity is restored and your primary pump is working.