Professional Drainage System Repair & Replacement

Our experienced team can handle in a wide variety of drainage system repairs and replacement. We know how to get the job done right.

We Can Handle All Types of Basement Drainage Repairs

If you find water in your basement, one of the causes could be a clogged or improperly functioning drain. If your basement drain is clogged, this prevents water from draining properly to the outside and can result in backups of water into your basement. In addition, basement drains have traps that can cause odors if they are not properly filled with water.

Professional Tip: If you have water on your basement floor, or see worrying cracks on the cement floor of your basement, contact our team for a proper assessment.

Water on Your Basement Floor Can be Caused by a Number of Situations

  • Drains can be clogged with dirt or sediment and this is a common cause of water backups.
  • Damage to your interior French drains, sump pump systems or cracks in the floor can also bring water into your basement that will be noticeable on the floor.

Sump Pumps Are Critical Devices That Keep Your Basement Dry

Pumping groundwater out so it can’t accumulate in your basement is an important component of waterproofing for those buildings where water accumulation is an issue. If your home has a sump pump, check that it is functioning properly. In addition, ensure you have a battery backup for your sump pump in case the main source of power goes out during a storm.

Sump pumps, in addition to waterproofing membrane, weeping tile systems, and proper grading, are a core component of waterproofing, especially in rural areas where there are no storm sewers, or in areas with a high-water table or have heavy rains.

Be sure to test your sump pump regularly, and in advance of any large storm. Just pour some water into the pit and see if the pump turns on and is moving water out of the sump pit.

Professional Tip: If a heavy storm arrives, oftentimes power can go out and you will need a battery backup to make sure your sump pump is working to pump all of the storm water out and away from your home.

An Experienced Team of Professionals

Stay Dry is experienced in a wide variety of drainage system repairs and replacement, and our waterproofing and foundation repair team knows how to get the job done properly. From assessment to budgeting to repair and completion, our team has a tremendous amount of experience.

If you have questions about your drainage system, waterproofing, foundation restoration, grading, or other services, contact our Stay Dry and we will diagnose, plan and repair your home to be free of problems, today and well into the future.