3 Generations of Restoration Professionals

Have the people who engineers call for advise to work on restoring the foundation and waterproofing your home.

24 hour access to Owners
Two Partners; 40 years experience each 

Completed Restoration & Waterproofing Projects

Over the last 40+ years, we have improved Churchs, Synagogues, Clubs, Retirement Residences, Schools, Universites, Colleges, Hospitals, Government Buildings, Condos, Apartment Buildings and countless residential homes.  We look forward to the opportunity to protect one of your biggest investments, your family home.

  • Saint James Cathedral Church Center
  • Saint John’s York Mills Anglican Church
  • Beth Tora Congregation
  • Congregation Darchei Noam
  • Calvin Presbyterian Church
  • Daughters of Saint Paul
  • Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church
  • York University, Multiple Sites
  • Ryerson University, 50 Gould St.
  • Ryerson University, 340 Church St.
  • Sheridan College, 1430 Trafalgar Campus
  • Sheridan College, Davis Campus
  • Nathan Phillips Square
  • The Granite Club
  • The Boulevard Club
  • Toronto Cricket Club
  • The Old Shelby Hotel
  • Rogers Headquarters, 1 Mt. Pleasant Rd.
  • Bell Media CHUM 104.5, MUCH Digital Studios & CTV Complex, 277 Queen St. West
  • Sunnybrook Health Services Center
  • Scarborough General Hospital
  • Toronto General Hospital
  • Credit Valley Hospital

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Stay Dry is the Residential Waterproofing & Foundation Restoration Arm of DOMAR Group Inc.

DOMAR Group Inc. was founded in 1989 by DOMenic Manno & ARies to conduct General Contracting in Forrest Hill, Toronto. Domenic focused on Restoration, Waterproofing, Underpinning, Darin Installation, Demolition and Landscape Construction for the company.  At 25 years of age, Domenic already had 10 years of work experience, being a 2nd generation heavy construction worker, he started young.  This was a natural family love affair.

ARies conducted Renovations, Additions, Restorations and built Custom Homes. After working with Domenic for 5 years, Aries  and Domenic merged as equal partners when Domenic was 25 years of age, and Aries was 62.  Aries was convinced that Domenic was indispensable to the new business.

How Aries Worked

FIRST: Relationships were more important than the projects we were building.  Understand the relationship and you understand the project.

Second, Even when the work was much harder than we expected, it was better to give a little bit more than ask for a little bit more.

Aries demonstrated what is was to be a True Professional

DOMAR Group Inc. is a Professional Organization dedicated to Aries in memory

I miss his gentle words, sharp whit, people and business skills, but most of all, he was a true professional.

I look forward to seeing you again, my old friend.

Domenic Manno CEO, DOMAR Group Inc.

Proper Protection for your Home Investment

“We believe that your home investment, once realized, should be enjoyed to its fullest potential.”


Domenic Manno
CEO, DOMAR Group Inc. Since 1989

Dear Home Owner;

An important part of our design services is to make sure that the envelope for your home is the perfect protector and cannot be compromised by water, wind, or hydrostatic pressure.

Today, a majority of homes have some type of waterproofing issue, where the protective envelope around the home is stressed or even worse, compromised. This will only cause pain and suffering down the road, like an accident waiting to happen.

Shattered dreams are the hardest to mend

Our focus is to ensure that once you have made the big investment in your home, it stays vibrant and strong, instead of suffering the stress and damage water, wind, or hydrostatic pressure can bring over time.

DOMAR is focused on solving this problem

Regardless of the construction project that you are planning, building a strong, protective envelop around your home is the smart thing to do, especially if future problems cause you to disturb one of your biggest investments.

That is why we created Stay Dry, the Residential Waterproofing & Foundation Restoration Arm of DOMAR Group Inc., to protect your investment through out this lifetime and for the next generation to come.


Domenic Manno
CEO, DOMAR Group Inc. Since 1989