Stay Dry Waterproofing

Our Goal is to help you keep your home investment protected from the issues of penetrating water. After helping homeowners restore and waterproof their foundations since 1989, we have gained the expertise to help you too.

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Stay Dry covers all the aspects of foundation repair, waterproofing and property drainage. We understand that every home is unique, in terms of its foundation type, surrounding soil, and the specific drainage needs for seasonal rain and melting snow. This means basement waterproofing repairs will differ from one property to the next depending on a multitude of factors.

As professional contractors, dealing with wet basement issues on a daily basis, our goal is to find the right solution that will stand the test of time for each property we work on.


Create the Perfect Protector surrounding your home


Restore structural integrity to your family investment

Basement Lowering

Increase your living apace and property value

Sump Pumps

Pump excess water away from your property

Four Foundation Types

Which of these do you have in your home? 

Water Penetration Issues

Water Penetration Issues

  • 1: Over Top of Foundation Wall
  • 2: Form Ties
  • 3: Window Well
  • 4: Hydrostatic Pressure
  • 5: Vertical/Horizontal Wall Cracks
  • 6: Step Crack
  • 7: Efflorescence
  • 8: Floor Wall Joint
  • 9: Sump Pump
  • 10: Floor Crack
  • 11: Blocked Drainage
  • 12: Clogged/Broken Weeping Tile